About K13

K13 is a collection of thirteen artworks showcasing the idea of a burgeoning Middle Eastern queer identity, its progress and the resulting discourse within global community.

The portraits traverse a sense of personal isolation juxtaposed against a greater, communal identifiers and the tender, fragile act of revelation of being seen. The aim is to provoke the dialogue between enclosure and exposure as well as subtlety that is inherent in revealing the personal, intimate to the external gaze. By exploring the identity dynamics as patterns, materials coalescing and conflicting Kiarash challenges the notions of cultural and personal interpretation of queer identity and proposes a new map of connectivity.

The 13th day after the Nowruz in the Persian calendar symbolises a return to daily life after the cleansing of impurities. Towards the end of the official holiday celebrated as Sizdah Be-Dar, one is already clean under the open sky and must be outside of the house, not enclosed.

Kiarash Zangeneh
Melbourne 2019